The Charm of Tea Cultivation at Wazuka

For the true tea-enthusiast who wants to realize this dream there is no place better than Wazuka.


The endless tea fields with a few traditional wooden buildings dotting the landscape make Wazuka, affectionately called “chagenkyo” or tea-utopia by the locals, feel as if it was a secret retreat. It may feel surreal considering that a vast portion of Japan’s green tea, or matcha, is grown, harvested and processed in this remote countryside town in Kyoto prefecture. Life in the town revolves around tea and throughout the year there are many events celebrating their beloved tradition, such as tea picking in spring and the tea festival in autumn.


A must-visit is in Wazuka is Obubu Tea Plantations, at the heart of the town, where they aim to teach you all they can about the beauty of tea farming as well as the virtue of social farming. The idea behind Obubu, which means tea in Kyoto’s slang, was born when Akihiro Kita visited the town and was inspired by his first cup of Ujicha (high quality tea from Uji). After many years of studying under a master in the trade, his dream became a reality with the founding of Obubu Tea Plantations.


Since then the plantation has taken great pride in their high quality aracha matcha, which combines parts of the entire plant. This approach has led to less waste as well as a particular green color and taste in their matcha. To spread their love for tea around the world, Obubu invites visitors as well as foreign interns who wish to strengthen their knowledge of tea cultivation “from leaf to cup”.



Name: Wazuka (和束町)
Address: 2 Otsuka Sono, Soraku-gun, Wazuka-cho, Kyoto
Access: From Kyoto Station you would have to take the JR Nara Line on which you transfer to the Yamatoji Line at Kizu Station heading for Kamo Station where you get on bus 66 bound for Wazuka Kosugi.

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