Sake Review: Yaegaki

With its harmonous favour, Yaegaki’s Tokubetsu-Junmai offers endless of opportunities for pairings and delights. The sake has a characteristic stable and balanced flavour you would expect from a jumai yet it also has a slightly spicy aftertaste. Yaegaki is harmonous in flavour as it is not too strong or too weak, which makes it pair very well with both Japanese and Western dishes. Traditional Japanese seafood dishes as well as Spanish paella would make for ideal pairings with this particular sake’s taste. It could even be drunk with some smaller side dishes such as ham and cheese as long as they have quite a presence in terms of flavour and smell.

Japanese Sake Review of Yaegaki's Tokubetsu-Junmai



Name: Yaegaki  (八重垣)
Category:  Tokubetsu-Junmai
Price range (720ml): ~1,500 yen
Website:  Link
Rating: 107638107638107638 107638107638_3

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