Bunnies all around at Bunny Café Mimi, Tokyo

Most of you will have heard about cat café’s and perhaps even the occasional owl and bunny café’s in Japan, which if anything must make you curious to what they actually are. To avoid getting dragged into the dog versus cat person debate, let’s start with bunnies and more precisely bunny café Mimi in Tokyo!

There are several bunny cafés in Tokyo, but the reason why Mimi stood out was the fact that it is the only one which lets more than one or two bunnies hop around. However, it does have the quite peculiar rule that you should at least have one female in your group. The staff is very friendly and will gladly explains the rules in English. After knocking the door to be invited in you will be shown the lockers in which you can leave your belongings and also be offered an apron and a pair of slippers to wear inside. Although the apron will help protect you against the bunnies doing their business on your clothing it is recommended to wear some clothes you do not mind getting a bit dirty. You will also receive a small cup of bunny treats to get them loving hop around you.

With its nursery-style setting the café itself has three sections which you will go through during your visit after you have sanitized your hands. Each section has about three or four bunnies to keep you company and nibble on your apron. The bunnies are very friendly and a bit cheeky as well, meaning that you should not be surprised that after one of them hops on your lap another joins while the third steals some treats. During our visit the first section near the entrance had the youngest two bunnies in it and they loved to look over the short wall between the sections. Many visitors are surprised about how laid-back the bunnies are and how well they get along with each other and their human visitors.

Your admission fee also includes a complimentary drink, which you can ask the staff for at any time. You have quite a few options ranging from tea, coffee, soft drinks and juices. A personal recommendation would be the surprisingly delicious matcha latte. When you leave the bunnies to go about with their relaxed life at Mimi, you can rank your personal favorite bunny at the entrance.



Name: Bunny Café Mimi (うさぎカフェmimi)
Address: 1 Chome-13-9 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013
Opening hours: 12:00-20:00
Admission Fee: 1200 yen for the first hour, 800 yen every 30 minutes afterwards

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