Ikegami Plum Garden: A Sweet Spring Space

Plum blossom season is here, so what better time to share one of our favorite spots to see some pink-petaled beauties. And that spot is Ikegami Plum Garden in Tokyo’s Ota Ward—home to over 370 plum trees, made up of 30 unique varieties. The garden measures about 8,000 square meters, and was originally an artist’s studio before it became someone’s home and later was granted to the ward to be opened as a public space.

Plum Blossoms at Ikegami, Tokyo

Upon your approach to the garden’s entrance the first thing you see is the slope covered with beautiful plum trees welcoming you in with their vibrant colors. Along the side you will also notice two small houses that each have a traditional tearoom occasionally used to entertain visitors.

Plum Blossoms at Ikegami, Tokyo

Ikegami Honmonji Temple

If you have some time to spare, why not enjoy Ikegami Honmonji just around the corner? This beautiful temple belongs to the Nichiren Buddhist sect which believes everyone has an inherent Buddha nature in them. This teaching contrasts with other sects which believe that one gradually becomes a Buddha over the course of many lifetimes. The temple grounds are quite vast encompassing many impressive buildings housing the living quarters and training facilities of the sect’s monks. The main temple is truly dwarfing with its elaborate dragon painting looking over you from the ceiling.

The oldest building is the five-story pagoda. The pagoda reaching to the sky at almost 30 meters in height was built in 1608 and survived the extensive bombing of Tokyo during World War II which spared few of its counterparts. The main temple itself for example did burn down and was not rebuilt until 1964.

Plum Blossoms at Ikegami, Tokyo

As you walk around the grounds you may find yourself in the temple’s cemetery. No worries, it is perfectly fine as it here that you will find a small red pagoda named Hoto. This peculiar structure is built on the spot where the sect’s deity, Nichiren, was cremated and is quite a surprise find to conclude your visit.


Name:Ikegami Plum Garden (猫衛門) and Honmonji Temple (池上本門寺)
Address:146-0082 Tokyo, Ota, Ikegami,2 Chome-2-13
Opening Hours:9:00-16:30
Access:Ikegami Plum Garden and Honmonji Temple are just a short walk from Nishi-Magome Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line or Ikegame Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line.

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